20160316_165043_resizedMarch was a very slow month as far as knitting projects go. As of the time of this post, I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my first, I’m a lot more tired than normal, and that has taken its toll on my knitting. I had big hopes of some WIP being completed but it looks like I’ll actually finish none of those. There’s always next month! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting at all, it just means that I haven’t been knitting as much as I had hoped (like January, January was a fantastic month). So what have I been working on?

I completed the third panel of the afghan my beginner knitter’s group has been working on. This was a twist zig zag panel, and I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the previous panels. The square is quite a bit smaller than the previous months, so it will require some heavy blocking to stretch it into shape. I did learn two new techniques, the left twist and the right twist, so it wasn’t all bad.

ProgressI had begun March with my sights set on Sock Madness, but then I got really sick with the flu for two weeks RIGHT when the first sock was taking off. I was unable to read patterns and have them make any sense in my mind, so I got as far as the heel on the first sock before throwing in the towel. Maybe next year I’ll be able to participate and give it my all. It was a lot of stress, a lot of posts being made on the forums, and I just couldn’t handle it along with the flu. I don’t regret trying, and I do wish I could have completed the first sock, but I think I did what was right by giving my body time to heal.

Wardrobe freshenersI did also manage to complete this cute little wardrobe freshener bag that I’m using to hold my notions. It was a very easy pattern that I completed on DPN, with a little lace work diamond. I added a chained cord in black, and ta-da. This was knit up in a single day, and I really enjoy projects like this because they allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment without having to spend the entire month on just one project. It’s important that we have these smaller objectives.

StarWarsBlueMy final project this month (so far, there’s still a bit over a week left and who knows what I’ll manage to finish in that time) was another Star Wars hat, this time in blue. I really like how this turned out. The previous one in black was alright but it was my first time completing the pattern, and I think the colours and the stitches really show up well. I completed this for an Etsy order, and I hope the buyer enjoys her new hat. I like doing colourwork a fair amount, even if it can be tricky to keep your tension even while you’re stranding colours behind one another.

I still have three WIP on the go. There is my entrelac scarf which is coming along but does take a bit of time to get any length on, and there is my mystery shawl KAL that I’ve had on hold for some time. I’m at the lace portion now, and I just haven’t been able to focus on it.  Finally there is a simple garter and stockinette stitch blanket that I’ve had on the go for some months. This blanket was the first knit item I had started back in September, but I quickly moved on to more complex things, and the blanket was forgotten about. I’d like to get this completed just to use up the yarn. I’m knitting it with Bernat Blanket Ombres & Multis. It’s very thick, and makes for a very soft blanket. It would free up a lot of room if I could get it completed.

Of course with a new baby on the way there is bound to be a knit project or two in that direction. I haven’t really decided on anything yet, but I’m sure as things go further along I’ll wind up with a project or two. There’s also a really nice celtic fingering shawl I’d like to work on next month using some of my knitpick palette in Clover, but we’ll see what I end up with. Maybe April will be the month of finishing my WIP.