KidSetaI know, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the site, but I’ve got some pretty good reasons! I’m now 21 weeks pregnant, and with that I’ve had some health complications crop up along the way that have really taken a lot out of me. As such, I haven’t been knitting nearly as much as I had hoped. Stress, lots of doctor appointments, even a sudden flight to Vancouver were all in the works these past few months. I never realized just how stressful it can be when you’ve got a complicated pregnancy on your hands. Since I have no family around it has been a pretty trying time, but lately I’ve started to get some of that craft mojo back, and that’s why you should see me start to post again here and there. I’ve never been the fastest knitter, so the updates may not come as often as we’d all like – but they’ll be there.

My latest project is this shawl / scarf called Evelyne. It’s a very simple pattern so I don’t have to concentrate too hard while I work on it, perfect for laying around in front of the TV (or outside on the balcony, one of my favourite places to be these days). It’s also my first time working with kid seta – wow, is this yarn SLIPPERY. I don’t own wooden needles in size 10 / 11 so I’ve resorted to using my KnitPick Nickel Plated needles, and the yarn has slid off a time or two so far and I’m only done the first repeat of lace! I’m getting a hold on things though and so long as I keep my fingers holding the yarn down as I knit it’s not too bad. Hopefully I won’t drop too many stitches. This will probably end up being a Christmas gift when that time rolls around, the more I can get done now, the better (baby is due the end of October).

I’ve completed a few smaller projects in the meantime, and I’ll be posting about them later on in the week so be sure to check back!