BKAL04One of the projects I started back in January was a blanket knit-a-long hosted on Ravelry with a beginners group that I really adore. Each month they post a square of a blanket, you can knit as many or as few of the squares as you’d like, and at the end of the year you attach them all together and see what new techniques you’ve mastered.

I had been slagging behind with this project, not by much but by enough that it was starting to weigh on me a bit. I completed the first three squares without too much issue, adding a garter stitch boarder to each square so I had a boarder to help flatten them and keep them neat and tidy for when I attach everything together. I’m working my blanket up in knitpicks brava bulky, colour is fairy tale. You can find the other three squares in my project page for 2016. This project is fantastic for beginners because it teaches you a lot of different techniques, doesn’t use a lot of yarn month-to-month, and can usually be completed in a day or two, depending on how much you procrastinate.

Now that I’ve caught up to April, I have May and June that I’d like to complete. I am pretty sure that I can get those done before July rolls around, or at least that’s my goal. I’m making one of every square but because I’m using bulky yarn I’m doing it on larger needles, and each square is a good size. I think 12 of them plus the join will be enough to make a nice sized warm blanket (eventually). I’m eager to see what it looks like all put together, and I have no idea (at this point) how I’m going to join them since we  haven’t discussed that yet in the group.

One of the important things I need to remind myself about is that the blanket won’t be perfect. I’m a beginner knitter, learning new techniques. Some of my squares look great, others (like the one posted above) are a bit lacking in perfection. That’s alright, it’s what makes the piece unique and all together mine. It also works as a great method of showing me my progression throughout the year, keeps me learning new terms, and understanding new patterns. I can’t be so hard on myself, some people have been knitting since they were just children, and it takes time to get good at any skill you’re trying to learn – especially if you’re self learning. As long as I keep challenging myself and keep trying to move forward I’ll get there eventually.