June has come and is almost gone – and I’m finally starting to get my knitting mojo back after a few months of it vanishing. This is a good thing! A really good thing. With it comes a desire to downsize a bit of my yarn stash, at least a few of the giant machine cones that were gifted to me late last year. I was given 18 cones of yarn, and while most of them are pretty nice a handful are either yarns that don’t feel very pleasant to touch, or are yarns that I will probably not work with for xyz reason. Most of the yarn is mystery yarn as there’s no labels any more or I couldn’t figure out what type they were from the meager labels that were left on. I destashed 524 grams total, which is about two cones worth.  The two cones in question are the two pinks in the image pictured above. The top one is a type of mohair / alpaca yarn, something with a really heavy halo and it just wasn’t one I’m fond of at all. The second pink down below is a coarse sparkle type of yarn, probably acrylic. It didn’t feel nice against my skin, and both were lace / fingering weight.

I updated my stash page over on Ravelry to indicate the changes that were most noticeable this year. I haven’t finished off very many types of yarn so there are not many X’s over on the stash pictures, but I know there are odds and ends still kicking around (I roll them up and keep them in bags by weight, one of these days I’ll use them to make a blanket). I absolutely love being able to organize everything, maybe a bit too much but at least it keeps it all neat and tidy.

This month was pretty active as far as knitting goes. I finally managed to catch up to the beginner’s blanket knit-a-long that I’ve been participating in, and I’m all ready for July. After having not knit anything in all of April and May, I’m glad that June saw some turn around. I completed the newborn vertebra, the bkal blanket square 04, square 05, and square 06. Combine that with the yarn destash, and I’ve used up 898.8 grams of yarn this month, bringing me to a net loss of 3405.49 grams for the year so far. My goal is to get to 6,000 grams used this year as a participant in the KnitPicks (and more) Stashdown group I belong to. We’ll see how that goes.