Rav-GamesWe’re coming up to August, and that means a pretty significant sporting event is going to be taking place in Rio. Despite all of the turmoil surrounding the event, I can’t help but get a bit excited. Not only am I a fan of sports, but I happen to really love knitting – and Ravelry is hosting the 2016 Ravellenics. What is it?

Well, basically you can join a team or go solo, and the goal is to challenge yourself by starting and finishing one or more projects during the time the games run (16 days). I’ve teamed up with Team BKAL, which is my beginner’s knit along group. For our team anything we knit has to have been a previous KAL and fit into one of the Ravellenic Games categories. There’s prizes, and it’s great motivation to actually get some knitting done. Plus you get to “meet” all sorts of new and interesting people who are also doing this event.

It begins with a mass cast-on happening during the game opening ceremonies. Whatever time zone you’re in, when Rio does their opening at 8pm (their time, not yours) that’s when the Ravellenic Games begin too. For me that’ll be 4pm. I’ve always loved watching the opening ceremonies and knowing that knitters (and crocheters, and spinners) all over the world are also going to be watching “together” while we all cast-on is a pretty neat feeling.

I’ve been preparing lists on what I’d like to knit (as always) and I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices. I don’t think I’ll be able to get all of the way through my list, but I’m hoping to clear at least a few of them. The categories I’d like to participate in are:

  • Mitten Medley
  • Scarf Hockey
  • Frogging Trampoline
  • Household Heptathalon
  • Cowl Jump
  • Hat Dash
  • Sock-Put

The easiest category is the frogging one, you don’t actually have to knit anything, but you have to frog a previous started (or) completed project and take pictures of the frogging. I’ve already got a sock in mind for that, when I knit it I didn’t do a very good job of measuring my feet and I was afraid of starting a second skein of yarn so I played dangerous yarn chicken and now the sock doesn’t fit on my foot. Time to frog that, and re-knit it into another sock (which is where the sock-put category comes into play).

If I time my projects and have nothing else going on I may be able to get them all done. Some are smaller baby items, quicker knits. The only two that will take a larger amount of time to complete are the jeweled cowl I have chosen for the cowl jump, and the knitted neck scarf I’ve chosen for scarf hockey. Still, it’s an ambitious list, and I’m going to be happy if I even complete one item on it. With my pregnancy still having its up and down moments, I can’t guarantee anything these days.

Will you be participating? Have you joined a team? What categories are you looking to partake in? Let me know in comments!