I know, it’s already almost the END of August, and I didn’t make a single post this month! But I think I have a pretty good reason. See, the Olympics happened, and with it the Ravellenic Games. I wrote about it before, on this blog actually. I had really ambitious hopes of finishing 8 entire projects during the two week period that the games run, but in the second week I completely burned out (a mixture of pregnancy / heat / and real life getting in the way) and instead I only managed to finish 6 of those 8. Still, for my first run that wasn’t too bad. What did I get done?

Mittens2First up was a pair of baby mittens. They match the rest of the pumpkin themed outfit I’ve knit for my Llama Bean due October 20th.







scarfNext up was a knitted scarf that is made with galileo yarn from knitpicks. This yarn has bamboo in it, and it was my first time knitting with the stuff. It’s a BEAUTIFUL yarn to work with. I have 9 more skeins and I’m not sure what I’m going to make yet, but I know it will be lovely. The drape and feel of the yarn is incredibly luxurious.




BarleyI made two baby hats, one in acrylic and one in wool of the andes (also from knitpicks). Very simple hats that I think work well. Since Llama Bean is going to be a fall / winter baby, there should be some good use of them, too.
















I added another pair of booties in there too, to match one of the hats. These were actually knit flat and then seamed together. I hate seaming, but these turned out pretty cute. I may add a bit of ribbon to keep them attached to baby’s feet.




It’s more knitting than I’ve done in a long time, and I couldn’t be more pleased even though they were smaller items. I also frogged a handful of things that I knew I was just never going to get finished. I’m trying to be better about my WIP pile – I only want one or two projects on the go at a time. I know me, and if I have any more than that, they just won’t get done. I ended up frogging a blanket and a shawl that I started back in December. The shawl was simply too complicated for me. The blanket was back before I really knew how to knit and there were so many mistakes in it, it was just easier to start all over.

The two items that didn’t make the cut were a pair of mittens that I actually tried to start and was just not in love with at all (frogged), and a celtic cable dish cloth that I just didn’t have time for. I do have a bunch of cotton and may make the dish cloth in the future, but for now I’m incredibly happy with what I did accomplish. Not only that, but I won a set of stitch markers from my Ravelry group – I’ve never won anything before! I’m pretty dang excited all around.

How did you do in the Ravellenic Games? Let me know in comments!